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We Take The Worry Out Of Water

Enjoy the drinking water

Enjoy the experience of soaps, residues, and dirt rinse off more completely, and your drinking water tastes crisp, clean, and fresh every time.

Enjoy your drinking water. Call Water Treatment Solutions today at 401-275-5959 to schedule your FREE home or office water test analysis.

We take the worry out of water.


Brown or Blue/Green Stains? Smelly or Bad Tasting Water?

Rid your home of plumbing blockages, bathtub rings, and strange water odors caused by a mineral buildup in your water. Have your water tested today for FREE! We will test for calcium, iron, magnesium and other minerals at your convenience - even on an evening or weekend.

FREE Maintenance visit with every new water filtration system

Customized to meet your needs

Proactive maintenance: we'll help you eliminate problems before they occur!

How is the water in your home or office?

You can have fresher, cleaner water by calling today for:

•  Water softeners

•  Water conditioners

•  Water purifiers

•  Water filtration systems

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